Baby bracelet

Baby bracelets are becoming an ever popular trend now-a-days. Even newborn babies are wearing a baby bracelet. They are cute and dainty. When it comes to nice style, this really goes to show that there is no age limit. More and more boutiques and jewelry stores are offering upscale baby jewelry. You can even go online and purchase a baby bracelet for your little one. If you are tight for cash, or want to get a more personal touch, you can even make your own baby bracelet for your baby. There are many birthstones you can choose from to add on to this personal touch, or mix and match colors. This will be a great keepsake article for your child when she grows out of it.

If you do consider making your own baby bracelet, keep the beads small and the quality of the beads high to prevent chipping or breaking it. Please pay special attention to the directions on how to make the baby bracelet. There are very important safety tips to keep in mind. Make sure you tightly crimp off the wire and use a sturdy lobster claw clasp so it will not come apart. Test the bracelet before you put it on the child. Pull on the bracelet to make sure it does not easily come apart. Young babies have the tendency to put items in their mouth. You do not want any sharp edges to go into the baby's mouth, or the beads to break into their mouth. Since anything is possible, do not leave the baby unattended while wearing the baby bracelet. Accidents can happen, but you can help prevent some of them.

If you do choose to have your baby wear a baby bracelet on their wrist, measure the baby's wrist for sizing. Do not make the bracelet too tight or too loose. And do not attach any charms. This can cause a choking hazard. This is something you definitely do not want to happen. Even though your baby can not talk yet, she will thank you for the thoughtful gift when she can.