Breast cancer bracelets

You will usually see rubber breast cancer bracelets come in a pink color. Breast cancer bracelets stand for breast cancer awareness. Unfortunately, 186,000 women each year in the U.S are affected each year, and over one million women worldwide, killing 43,000 women in the United States alone. Breast cancer bracelets are constant reminders in everyone's mind to keep trying to fight to find a cure for breast cancer. It keeps the situation at hand in the forefront, and helps raise money for breast cancer research programs.

Because of the funds raised from breast cancer bracelets and other fund raisers, many more women are surviving breast cancer today. This is because breast cancer treatments have come a long way. Increased research and new drug developments are being done to help prolong the life, and especially cure breast cancer bracelets.

Wearing the pink breast cancer bracelets will be a great way to show your support and awareness of this disease. If you or anyone you know has or has had breast cancer, the pink breast cancer bracelets are reminders that more help is needed to provide a cure. By buying and wearing these bracelets, you help pay for mammograms and increase the awareness. There are some people who can not pay for mammograms, some proceeds from fund raisers such as these help raise and fund free mammograms for the needed.

There are many places that you can buy the breast cancer bracelets. Many stores sell the bracelets and gives their guarantee that the proceeds get to the appropriate place. There are also an abundance of online sites that sell the pink breast cancer bracelets. Buying these bracelets will be an excellent way to show your support, and help raise money for the cause. Many times the pink bracelets are referred to as the gift that keeps on giving.