Italian charm bracelets

Italian charm bracelets are beautiful and hold a very mystique feeling. They come in many different themes including flowers, animals, birthstones, religions, and various others. You can put as many charms on your bracelet as you want. The amount of charms on your Italian charm bracelet all depends on the size of your wrist. Small wrists usually need about 17 charm links, and bigger wrists usually can hold up to 19 charm links.

It is believed that Italian charm bracelets were invented by Italians who improved the modular style of the bracelet. Most of these bracelets are made using 18K gold, and the highest quality of hypoallergenic stainless steel. You will mostly see Italian charm-type bracelets in cultures of rural India, mostly in Rajasthan.

From the very beginning, these charm bracelets had implications to be associated with mystic values. Italian charm bracelets are far from being out of style. It is still very much heavily seen through out the world. It is a fashion statement that is going wild. A matter of fact, the fashion houses of Italy have come up with new unique designs and even more trendy charms. They are responsible for the latest hype of the bracelets. Italian charm bracelets have definitely brought a whole new look on the world of charms. Usually charm bracelets are dangly, but these charms are soldered to flat links that pop on and off of a stretchy bracelet. This makes it easy to add new charms in the slots as your charm collection grows. In an even more fun way, you can switch the charms to match your mood. Without a doubt, Italian charm bracelets are very popular, and there is good reason why. They are very classy, durable, easy to wear, and much fun.

You can find these bracelets for a reasonable price. Italian made charms begin around $15 and can go up to around $50 per charm. If you like stones better, usually the stones are priced around $22 each, and cubic zirconia's around $28 dollars. Depending on the style that best fits you, will determine the price of the charms you choose. But all in all, everything that you buy will be worth the money.