Lance Armstrong bracelets

The Lance Armstrong bracelets to many signify strength and courage to many. Often times, you will see people wearing the Lance Armstrong bracelets around their wrist. This bracelets are made out of yellow rubber band material with the motto LiveStrong inscribed on it. This came from the great American cyclist Lance Armstrong. On October 2, 1996, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. However, he did not allow this disease get him down. He stayed determined to wear his yellow jersey once again to compete in the Tour de France cycling tournament. When his cancer began to become in remission, he started wearing his Lance Armstrong bracelets in partnership with his sports apparel from Nike. He then began selling the Lance Armstrong bracelets for one dollar each. The money he profited from these bracelets were donated to the Lance Armstrong Foundation to fund Cancer research.

But why did he choose the color yellow for the bracelets? Simply put, the color yellow was a significant factor of Lance Armstrong's personal life. The color yellow is the color of the jersey that the leading Tour de France cyclist is given to wear. He has worn this color jersey to victory numerous times. Also, the color yellow imparts the feelings of warmth and optimism. This by itself gives a feeling of hope and courage.

The Lance Armstrong bracelets are Mr. Armstrong's standard bearers in his fight against cancer. To him and many others, it bears an excellent witness that life is worth living, and obtain a new meaning of life. The Lance Armstrong bracelets have been a widespread cultural phenomenon. People of all walks of life support these bracelets. From young to old, school children to business men, they all alike wear these bracelets.

Many Americans all around collect these rubber made bracelets. It is trendy, and is for a very good cause.