Sex bracelets

Have you ever heard of sex bracelets? Many people have seen these bracelets before, however, they do not know what the bracelets represent. Sex bracelets are the bright or even florescent color jelly bracelets. They are making a staggering comeback. This fashion accessory most likely has more meaning than your realize for you or even your child. The jelly looking bracelets are more than just a fashion statement. It may be making a statement about your child's sex life. Surprising isn't it?

Many pop stars are caught wearing the bracelets. In the 1980's Madonna wore them, now even newer pop stars such as Avril Lavigne and even singer Pink wear armfuls of jelly bracelets. The meaning of these jelly bracelets may have very well been a different meaning in the beginning, But now, the jelly bracelets are now called sex bracelets. The bendable bracelets now have a very new unwholesome meaning. The colors of the sex bracelets hold a sexual code for teens. The yellow: hugging, purple: kissing, red: lap dance, blue: oral sex, and black: the full monty. Flattering huh?

If this isn't enough, there are also games that come from the usage of sex bracelets. In one game called snap, if a boy breaks the sex bracelet off of a girls wrist, he gets a sexual coupon for that act. These games have become some a problem in some school districts, some middle schools have started banning the wearing of the bracelets. Keep in mind though, that if you see your child wearing these type of bracelets, it is very possible that she may not even know the connotation these bracelets hold. It may be a good time to tell her the meaning behind the bracelet and give her sex advice and precautions.