Tennis bracelets

Why are tennis bracelets called tennis bracelets? Well, the definition of a tennis bracelet is that it is another name for an eternity bracelet- a continuous circlet of small diamonds. Tennis bracelets are elegant pieces of jewelry that are worn around the wrists. It is also known as a diamond line bracelet which is thin that features a symmetrical pattern of diamonds. Tennis bracelets are however nothing like charm bracelets. They do not have charms dangling from them or have pendants.

But why are such beautiful pieces of jewelry called tennis bracelets? It is quite a humoring story. The name derived from famous tennis star Chris Evert. She was known for her diamond bracelets that she wore all of the time. In the 1987 open, she lost her spectacular diamond bracelet. The game had to become temporarily halted while she looked relentlessly for her bracelet. Therefore, the "tennis bracelet" incident sparked a new name for the circular diamond bracelet. It not only sparked a new name, but also a popular new trend for the fashion world.

A matter of fact, following the footsteps of Chris Evert, last year Serena Williams wore a custom designed tennis bracelet to the U.S. Open. But this time, it is noted that the designer of her tennis bracelet added an extra secure safety bracelet to make sure the flexible and fluid piece would stay securely on her arm. This is definitely a great add on feature that can be placed on your tennis bracelet. Some bracelets automatically come with this feature. The bracelets vary in the price. The length, how many carets and diamonds you have in your bracelet will determine the price of your bracelet. You can find tennis bracelets at any major jewelry store. Or you can order your bracelet online. However way you receive your tennis bracelet, you will love it any way, and will mark it as a beautiful gift.